Jaewoong Choi

Paul & Mark CEO

instructor teaching instructor

When you have the power to teach, your life will change.
Public speaker project.
Until the day when the whole nation can speak in front of the audience!

Summer Park

Paul & Mark’s Instructor

• Global culture and learning methods consultant
• ‘Starting English from now (Lee Young-shi)’ YouTuber
• Creator of ‘Speaky Peaky’ English education app

Lee Jeong-hwa

Paul & Mark full-time instructor

A calligrapher who puts the universe in the moonlight, Jeonghwa Lee
We are all artists.

Always unchanging, ever-changing nature
The best way to express a heart that resembles him!

All sports

Speech & Life Coach

Need your speech skills?
Here’s the answer.
Sebashi, as you say, the teacher of the country’s leading lecturers!
For those who need real communication and persuasion
We present a real speech process that moves the other person’s heart.

Young-Jun Moon

Paul & Mark full-time instructor

Lecturers who help individual growth and group performance creation

leaders’ concerns. “Our team that doesn’t like me”
A mindset that will change the future of individuals and groups,
With Entrepreneurship
Experience real change.

Myung-Hoon Woo

Director of the Paul & Mark Institute

Lecturers who change the world through learning
Lectures allow you to discover yourself and discover your strengths.
Based on those strengths, we are creating lectures that allow you to learn the best learning techniques, discover yourself, and get one step closer to your dreams.

Park Hyun-wook

Paul & Mark full-time lecturer and moderator

There are definitely two types of lectures.
‘Meaning’ and ‘Fun’
We promise only meaningful and interesting lectures.

Magnus Jonason

Paul & Mark’s Instructor

• A ‘Soccer Project’ to reduce the youth crime rate in a city
A social/school innovation activist created with zero
• Current organizational culture consultant at Lovak, a Swedish education company

Yang In-seok

Paul & Mark full-time instructor

Through broadcast coverage and reporting, I met viewers by gathering various voices from the field, and took charge of public communication with the Blue House, resolving conflicts between ideology, generation, culture and region.

Communication expert with 20 years of persuasion and understanding

Lars Svorse

Paul & Mark’s Instructor

• Representative of ‘Lovak’, a Swedish partner of Paul & Mark
• Corporate training and leadership consultants
• Former UN Lebanon Peacekeepers Officer
(Nobel Peace Prize)

Dr. Bernice McCarthy

Paul & Mark’s Instructor

• Founder of ‘About Learning’, a partner of Paul & Mark
• Founder of ‘4MAT Teaching-Learning Theory’
• Author of ‘4MAT Teaching Method’

Park Ji-woong

Ice Breaker & Game Master

Life is like a well-made game.
Education and change through games! Click Continue with me.
A delightful game master, Ji-woong Park, who blows away the awkward atmosphere in one shot.
Various spot games and the essence of ice breaking learned from him

Bjorn Medin

Paul & Mark’s Instructor

• Current organizational culture consultant at Lovak, a Swedish education company
• Former CEO of ABB Communications

Sara Collin

Paul & Mark’s Instructor

• Social/school innovation activist, educator
• Current consultant for Swedish education company Lovak
• Current consultant to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Park Seo-hyun

Paul & Mark full-time instructor

Instructor who cares for body and mind

through understanding my body.
manage your own stress,
I am creating a course to help improve relationships with others.