Unwavering to the changing external environment
Super Team Building Seminar

super team

Online LIVE Seminar
2021.10.6 (Wed) 14:00~16:00

Why Smooth Team?

Organizational development program that was not in the world

Introducing 'Smooth Team', an unprecedented training course for one team, one team's communication, culture, goal achievement, and creative progress. SmoothTeam's simulations are a great way to increase trust in different kinds of teams. It runs on the SmoothTeam online platform, and discussions take place on your team's preferred video conferencing platform. We have several modules for different situations and needs. The Team Strengths Workshop is the most popular module and is especially suitable as a Team Workshop or as a first module for your team.

  • Representatives who are concerned about the company’s team efficiency
  • All the team leaders in the world who somehow become team leaders and wander
  • Educators who are constantly looking for new education
  • Team members who want to find hope for our team who cannot see the future
  • Leaders who want to show their innovative side to the company

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Reserve 2-4 hours as a team schedule.


Engage in story-based simulations on the SmoothTeam platform. For example, you will learn about your peers' strengths and how others perceive things.


Finally, you will receive an explanatory report to support further development. Powerful, easy and meaningful!

Most popular modules

Team Strengths Workshop

Understand your colleagues' perceptions of a variety of tasks. This module is perfect as the first module in a team workshop.

team leader leadership

Discover management team practices and develop communication through specific research-based topics.

Seminar : Create Super Team

Creating our team that is not shaken by the changing external environment

[ Session 1 ] Speech
Smooth team program introduced directly by the Finnish representative

[ Session 2 ] Smooth team
A complete model of online workshops, experience the Team Strengths workshop module

Q&A Feedback

Participating companies

“SmoothTeam is a program that allows you to discover real team improvements through dialogue. I think it is the best tool for achieving a concrete action plan for innovation within the team.”

" SmoothTeam is fun first, and it's useful. You can have fun discussing how each other's strengths were understood by each other according to the story. After the simulation, you can learn how to apply the strengths of your teammates. We can have an in-depth conversation about whether or not we can.”

“It was great to have an online program that you can participate in while working from home. It was impressive that it was able to lead to good discussions even on topics that are difficult to talk about. It felt like exploring and discovering the possibilities of our team that had not been seen.

Create Super Team Seminar 2021

· Only those who have applied will be held privately (Online Live).
· After the seminar, the Smooth Team program proposal will be emailed to you.
· All participants will be given the opportunity to use the program at a discounted price.