Why So Special?

MODEL 2021

Online LIVE Seminar
2021.05.12 (Wed) 14:00~16:20


Paul and Mark
How to prepare for the next generation of education

In the midst of rapid changes that no one expected, we are being asked to innovate throughout corporate education.
Paul & Mark has made various attempts with many customers by turning change into opportunity.
In Next Learning Model 2021, by sharing various educational know-how and tools of Paul & Mark in the un-tact era,
We have prepared this as a place where you can experience new educational models and gain insights.
We invite those in charge of corporate education who are considering sincere education.

Session 1.

new era, open up new possibilities

Introduction of this event and ice breaking

Session 2.

For Next Learning
Paul & Mark's new educational model

Introduction and participation in Paul & Mark's 4-step instructional design model

Session 3.

How to achieve immersion beyond the limits of non-face-to-face education - Share project examples

[ Case 1 ] Untact Breakers
Ice breaking & team building that breaks down the walls of space

[ Case 2 ] 4MAT
The Natural Brain Cycle Process, the basis of all education

[ Case 3 ] Marketplace
A perfect model for online learning, a management simulation strategy game

[ Case 4 ] Creative Thinking Process
Problem solving process using strategic thinking

[ Case 5 ] Dino Dialogue
All education is culture

Q&A panel talk

Next Learning Model 2021

· Only invited guests will be held privately (Online Live).
· All participants will be given the opportunity to experience the full package of Paul & Mark's diagnosis.