Design Thinking - Business Facilitation

Design Thinking 설명 및 배경이론

Design Thinking is a way for designers to think in the same way they used to design and solve problems. Professor Roger Martin of the University of Toronto in Canada explains in his book Design Thinking that design thinking is not one of intuitive thinking or analytical thinking, but an integrated approach to thinking. It is a kind of complex problem-solving approach that utilizes an empathic mindset to understand the user’s undefined needs and find opportunities to address them.

As such, Design Thinking is a user-centered innovation process that can be applied to solving various types of problems ranging from products and services to business models and processes.

Design Thinking - Business Facilitation 소개
(Design Thinking 협업 솔루션 컨설팅)

If you are pursuing positive changes in revenue, usability, cost-effectiveness, etc. by adding a higher level of customer (internal/external) value to numerous solutions (internal/external) derived in-house, we recommend the Design Thinking business solution derivation course. Organize an existing work team or task force team to participate in processes, practical tools, mindsets, team communication and decision-making methodologies to innovate the company’s products, services, internal/external processes, systems, culture, space, experiences, etc. experience in a way that leads to the final result. Rather than focusing on learning the Design Thinking process itself, we create a creative and verified prototype by substituting the process into a business topic.


Drawing up solutions that can be applied to the field by utilizing Design Thinking’s step-by-step mindset, philosophy, process, and tools


  1. Innovate existing business solutions in a user-centered way to improve profitability, usability, and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Establish a solution and communication process for future problems

교육 대상 및 시간

  • Target : Office workers who derive various solutions (from employees to executives)
    Existing working team and/or task force team
  • Training time : 16 hours – 40 hours course
    * During the course, pre-design meeting to confirm the topic, scope, period, user interview settings, etc. of the project

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