Presentation/Speech Package 캠프

PT/Speech Package Camp 소개

Speaking well also requires education. The PT/Speech Package realizes two-way communication between the speaker and the listener, rather than providing information in one direction. Gain the skills to motivate your audience to focus on your content proactively by engaging them.


Through practice, the presentation and speech skills that move the mind and are planted in the brain that effectively and accurately convey what I know and what I want to convey to the other person are embodied.

교육 특장점

  1. In-depth training on practical PT and Speech
  2. Confidence in public speaking through improved communication
  3. Practice-oriented PT education

교육대상 및 시간

  • Target : 30-40 college students
  • Training time : 1 night 2 days / 2 nights 3 days / 3 nights 4 days

PT & Speech Package 캠프_2박 3일 커리큘럼 예시