ACT 코칭 – 퍼포먼스 코칭 (Preformance Coaching)

ACT 설명 및 배경이론

ACT (Accelerated Creative Teaching) refers to Paul & Mark’s educational programs that use accelerated teaching methods. The accelerated teaching method is based on Dr. Rajanov’s accelerated learning theory, Dr. Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT (Masters of Art in Teaching) theory, Bendler and Grinder’s Neuro-Neurolinguistics (NLP), and Dr. Michael Hall’s Neuro-Semantics (Neuro-Semantics). ) is an integrated teaching method. Various ACT programs provided based on the most advanced teaching model among existing teaching methods are being used by leading universities and companies at home and abroad such as Columbia University, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Samsung, LG, SK, and POSCO.

ACT 코칭 소개 및 특장점

The ACT coaching program is theoretically based on Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Neuro-Semantics most clearly describes the role of a coach among the many functions of communication, reimagining life through awareness of the eight domains of human thought. NLP is a communication technology developed jointly by Dr. Richard Bendler and linguist John Grinder, and is the result of research on communication and change by modeling the world’s best communicators such as presidents, speakers, professors, and pastors. Incorporating these two theories, ACT coaching is not a theoretical enumeration, but a skill for life. It is a tool and model that allows us to analyze and talk about our life experiences. As we begin to understand the process and structure of ACT coaching, we will be playing a role in creating, fulfilling, transforming, and growing our best self-modelling.

ACT 코칭 특장점

  • Patterns for developing greater abilities, self-confidence, and extraordinary resilience
  • Training, coaching, and consulting to lead a willful and intentional life

ACT 코칭 대상

  • manager / leader
  • Anyone who wants to become a coach
  • HR manager / In-house lecturer / Professor and teacher
  • Those who want to develop themselves

퍼포먼스 코칭 소개 및 특장점

You cannot produce lasting and effective results with existing experiences and beliefs that hinder the growth of the organization. As a group leader, how can you positively influence the members of your organization and create better results?
Education that emphasizes only behavioral change to produce results cannot lead to lasting change. We need to find the real cause and meaning that the members of the organization have no choice but to do. Through performance coaching skills, we expect to create organizational performance by changing the experiences and beliefs of members through the acquisition of strategic and effective communication techniques through self-discovery and understanding of others.

퍼포먼스 코칭 기대효과

  1. Acquire effective feedback skills (clear expression)
  2. Formation of relationships for efficient work
  3. Improving personal communication skills and improving organizational management skills
  4. Improving leadership to help members grow

퍼포먼스 코칭 교육 대상 및 시간

  • Target : People Manager
  • Training hours : 8 hours per day, 16 hours per day

ACT 퍼포먼스 코칭_8H 커리큘럼 예시

[Lecture, group activity] WHY? Why do we need to grow? (2H)

  • Brain-based learning theory
  • Share your expectations and achievements
  • Recognizing the importance of facilitation skills through practice

[Lecture, group activity] WHY? Who will you change? (2H)

  • Structural understanding of humans through various filter question techniques
  • Understanding yourself and your audience through communication channel analysis
  • Recognize and share diversity in your own and others’ thoughts and decisions

[Lecture, practice, coaching] WHAT What do you need? (2H)

  • Conversation for persuasion
  • How to coach using eye movements
  • How to form an influential relationship in the shortest time
  • Analysis of individual and organizational motivational factors

[Lecture, practice, coaching] How to change the HOW? (1H)

  • Learn to filter questions to solve problems
  • Introduction of individual decision channels and strategies
  • Having an Influential Language System
  • The Secret of Persuasion Languages Through Power Words

[Lecture, group activity] IF? What changes will happen? (1H)

  • Exploring specific action plans for organizational growth
  • ACTION PLAN writing and my commitment
  • Future Design through Life Mapping Technique