4MAT 커뮤니케이션

4MAT 설명 및 배경이론

4MAT is a thinking diagnostic program based on a thesis by pedagogical magnate and neuroscience expert Bernice McCarthy. 4MAT has been used as a tool for problem solving and creative thinking by the U.S. central government, departments of education, teacher and professor diagnostic programs, as well as global companies such as IKEA, 3M, and Boeing. In Korea, it was introduced and introduced in all business divisions including Samsung Electronics’ memory division, semiconductor research center, design laboratory, and wireless division in 2013.

The 4MAT diagnosis is designed to understand the differences and diversity in the way people learn. By understanding the natural learning cycle of the human brain in 4MAT, it can be applied in various fields such as creativity, leadership, communication, learning method, teaching method, and organizational culture consulting.

LTM (Learning Type Measure)

4MAT’s LTM Test Sheet was developed for leadership and teaching based on 4MAT®, providing a guide to the role different learning styles play in relationships and communication in all contexts. The LTM test strip is not a psychoanalytic tool. Rather, it measures preferences for different ways of approaching learning. LTM, when used in conjunction with the 4MAT, provides a clear and actionable direction applicable to all kinds of learners in all environments.

LBI (Leadership Behavior Inventory)

This diagnostic sheet presents personal strengths and complements as a leader. It indicates personal preference in areas such as motivation, communication, system establishment, and recruitment required for a leader, and through this, it is easy to build an effective team through the strengths of each member.

TSI(Teaching Style Inventory)

TSI refers to teaching style and preferences. By recognizing your teaching style, it helps you teach to reach more students.

SLP (Student Learning Preferences)

This questionnaire is suitable for middle school, high school, and college students, and is an excellent tool to help start a conversation about learning types. It can be used for professors and teachers, freshman orientation, parent education, etc. SLP’s diagnostic tools and outcomes increase motivation and responsibility for learning by comparing how I approach learning with the approaches of others.

4MAT 커뮤니케이션

Smooth communication between the team leader who always takes care of people and the manager who emphasizes only performance. You can’t understand all of them, but the moment you understand that you’re not saying you’re wrong, you’re saying something different, and your organization creates synergy like never before. 4MAT team communication goes beyond simple communication tools, and leads you to acquire good tools for sales and persuasion.

Diagnostic tools used: LTM, HMI

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