ACT Facilitator

ACT Facilitator 교육 소개

Facilitator training course that leads a smooth decision-making process

The process of enabling groups or organizations to work more effectively by creating collaboration and synergy. To this end, it is a fair, open and participatory process that allows the group to get things done, and to remain neutral and not on the sidelines – Michael Doyle
This is a course to learn the role of a facilitator and facilitating skills to improve communication ability to elicit diverse opinions for productive meeting and creative team communication. In the course of the discussion, you practice how to help people understand their common purpose and make a plan to achieve it, without taking a special stand.

Facilitator 역할

  • meeting planning skills
  • Clear facilitator roles, beliefs, and attitudes
  • Deep understanding of attendees, consideration, and leadership skills
  • Facilitate conversations between meeting attendees
  • Facilitate the expression of ideas by meeting attendees
  • Idea evaluation in progress
  • Leading the final decision-making process

ACT Facilitator 교육 대상 및 시간

  • Audience : People who need to lead meetings or elicit communication skills
  • Training hours : Special lecture, 8H

ACT Facilitator_8H 커리큘럼 예시