Task Management

Task Management 교육 소개

Ilmeori management process that efficiently and effectively handles work within a given time

Work-life balance, 52 hours a week, flexible work, smart office… It all sounds like a really good story… Am I doing everything I have to do today? Have I postponed the important things for me tomorrow? Could it be that you are missing out on important things? The moment you think like this, something happens again… This thing is really crazy… After all, my time is wasted because of the time I spend in vain, and in the end am I being wasted like this again? I learned a lot about time management and work processing… In the end, it’s a matter of practice…
How should I deal with this company?

Task Management 교육목표

  • Check the necessity of task management and ability to solve existing time management problems
  • Recognizing the importance of performance creation through change and growth and approaching task management for this
  • Improved work flexibility and pre-preparation ability to handle irregular situations
  • Soft skill (reporting, understanding, processing) practice to improve individual work processing ability
  • Immediate change and growth expected through problem simulation in the workplace

Task Management 교육 대상 및 시간

  • Target : All office workers who want to manage their work effectively and efficiently
  • Training Hours : Special Lecture (8H)

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