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Visual Explorer 교육 소개

It is said that the opposite of love is indifference beyond hate.
I think the opposite of communication is also giving up communication that goes beyond accusing fights.
Meetings without communication, lectures without communication, departments without communication, you and me without communication
Giving up communication that lowers the motivation of the members of the organization at this moment and hinders the growth of the organization.
Even if you gossip… Oxytocin is released, which prevents stress, relieves tension, and is good for health. Good communication becomes a driving force that enables greater stability and growth of the organization.
As it turns out that securing the voice of team members and forming consensus are the keywords for Google’s growth, we expect that we will be able to effectively use Visual Explore, the best tool for meetings that everyone can sympathize with, lectures that can empathize with learners, departments that empathize with, and empathy for you and me. do.

Visual Explorer 활용

  • When eliciting or executing a conversation
  • When encouraging the pursuit of diversity of perspectives
  • To freely create ideas and alternatives
  • When you need inspiration for personal experience and passion
  • When it comes to telling stories and drawing analogies
  • When you need an approach to surface emotions and intuition
  • When implementing an idea

Visual Explorer 교육 대상 및 시간

  • Who : Everyone, professional counselors
  • Training Hours : Special Lecture 4H

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