Creative View

Creative View 교육 소개

Dr. Betty Edward (Ph.D. in Fine Arts/Cognitive Psychology) and Kristin Newton (Creativity Consultant, Art Educator) creatively awaken the sleeping right brain to maximize practical efficiency. This is a process of developing creativity by maximizing the observation and perspective of the right brain by drawing with the right brain, freeing from the domination of the left brain.
painting <technology>not looking at the picture <View>is to learn <View>will lead from the recognition of problems in the business field to the insight of life as a whole. The ability to perceive phenomena holistically, without distortion, and properly is an essential prerequisite for delivering a decent business solution.

Creative View 교육목표

  • Learning a new perspective on creativity
  • Maximize the potential creativity of each person

Creative View 특장점

Through training that activates brain cells that we have not used before[A new way of seeing] you will learn the skills of

Creative View 교육 대상 및 시간

  • Target : Anyone who dreams of creative ideas
  • Training hours : Special lecture (3-4H)

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