ACT 기획력

ACT 설명 및 배경이론

ACT (Accelerated Creative Teaching) refers to Paul & Mark’s educational programs that use accelerated teaching methods. The accelerated teaching method is based on Dr. Rajanov’s accelerated learning theory, Dr. Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT (Masters of Art in Teaching) theory, Bendler and Grinder’s Neuro-Neurolinguistics (NLP), and Dr. Michael Hall’s Neuro-Semantics (Neuro-Semantics). ) is an integrated teaching method. Various ACT programs provided based on the most advanced teaching model among existing teaching methods are being used by leading universities and companies at home and abroad such as Columbia University, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Samsung, LG, SK, and POSCO.

ACT기획력 소개 및 특장점

Our office workers live a life of planning and reporting. In fact, it is often broken and cracked. Why? This is because each person thinks, organizes, and speaks randomly in his own style. Then the other party (boss/client/colleague) naturally asks, “Is that a real problem?” “What the hell are you talking about?” You have no choice but to respond by saying, “The picture is not drawn”. How can we solve this unfortunate situation? To this end, we introduce our ACT planning capabilities. Dr. Bernice McCarthy, a world-renowned educator, is based on the natural learning curve of humans.< Creative Thinking Process: why-what-how-if> I made a frame. If this frame is applied to our project, the three elements of the project are:

  • Thinking from multiple perspectives to find key problems and solutions (planning)
  • Clear schematic at a glance and structural organization (proposal)
  • Intense storytelling and logical presentation that fit right into the brain

can have In addition, by having a common and structured methodology within the team and within the company, essential and efficient work is possible.

ACT기획력 기대효과

  1. When you are at a loss as to what to do or how to start, ‘First, let’s think about why-what-how-if’ with a structured thinking frame to start multifaceted and efficient work.
  2. The plan I used to write back and forth was ‘Should I summarize it in one schematic so that it can be seen at a glance?’ It will change to a counterpart-oriented report/plan.
  3. The announcement, which was only sleepy, was ‘Shall we tell a story with an expression that the brain prefers?’ It is upgraded to fit into the brain.
  4. Working efficiency is maximized by having a common frame with colleagues who work according to their own style.
  5. Instead of looking at a problem as a problem, you see it as a project, and productive planning begins.

ACT기획력 교육 대상 및 시간

  • Target : Office workers who plan and report on a daily basis (from new employees to team leaders)
  • Training hours :
    Special lecture (2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours)
    Practice included (1 day – 8 hours, 3 days – 5 hours each 25 hours)

ACT기획력_8H 커리큘럼 예시