ACT Presentation/Speech

ACT 설명 및 배경이론

ACT (Accelerated Creative Teaching) refers to Paul & Mark’s educational programs that use accelerated teaching methods. The accelerated teaching method is based on Dr. Rajanov’s accelerated learning theory, Dr. Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT (Masters of Art in Teaching) theory, Bendler and Grinder’s Neuro-Neurolinguistics (NLP), and Dr. Michael Hall’s Neuro-Semantics (Neuro-Semantics). ) is an integrated teaching method. Various ACT programs provided based on the most advanced teaching model among existing teaching methods are being used by leading universities and companies at home and abroad such as Columbia University, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Samsung, LG, SK, and POSCO.

ACT PT/Speech 전달력 교육 소개

The Paul & Mark PT. speech delivery improvement course goes beyond simple information delivery level speech, and is a specialized course in speech delivery capability that moves the mind of others through expression methods, structures, and skills. This is a speech package course in which students learn how to effectively tell their stories to small and large audiences, including presentations, reports, proposals, and speeches. Practice audience (target audience) analysis, voice training, storytelling, and delivery skills with impact.
Like Steve Jobs and Barack Obama, what is the secret to powerful speech that conveys values and drives change? The essence of ‘speaking’, such as presentations, lectures, and speeches, is ultimately to move the other person’s heart by maximizing the power of communication.
Paul & Mark’s PT. speech delivery improvement course discovers your own unique speech strengths and connects them to improvement in delivery capability that can be used in real work.
It is a training course based on practical know-how such as lectures such as Sebashi and Sayings and IR coaching, and has been operated by leading companies and universities such as Daishin Securities, SK, Kia Motors, and Postech.

ACT PT/Speech 전달력 교육 목표

  1. Learn the speech of suggestions and persuasion that moves the heart, not just conveying information
  2. Learn how to understand and satisfy the key elements of delivery from the point of view of decision makers.
  3. Establish your own unique speech style through practice-oriented education
  4. The ability to deliver change by focusing attention and evoking empathy

ACT PT/Speech 전달력 교육 기대효과

Learning key elements of speech through understanding the speaker and audience
Acquire speech structure that maximizes transmission power
Learn how to understand and train voice and pronunciation, expressions
Learn storytelling techniques that create persuasion and empathy

ACT PT/Speech 전달력 교육 대상 및 시간

  • Target : Jobs that require speech delivery skills such as presentation, sales, and persuasion
    Those who can maximize work efficiency through delivery ability, such as CEO and in-house lecturer
  • Training hours : 8H~32H

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ACT Presentation / Speech Package_24H 커리큘럼 예시

ACT Presentation / Speech Coaching 2회 커리큘럼 예시