Did you see it in the last post? Recently, Paul & Mark Pet Forest, which hosts a farewell ceremony (funeral) for pets, and A business agreement was signed. I felt that the field of education was really wide, So there are a lot more things I want to do and more things I can do. As the first project after the business agreement Let’s start raising awareness about pets. CEO Jaewoong Choi himself! <hello chocolate>in A picture book was published!
There were many twists and turns, and there were many stories, but I’m so glad to be able to deliver the news of the publication safely! Often, writing a book is likened to labor pain, right? It was not an easy task for a thin picture book. You can’t underestimate It was the same for everyone to see the light of the world with their hands .


These days, we go to work once a week and mainly work from home, so I went to see him in person when the book arrived 🙂
At the same time, Pet Forest officials came and talked with CEO Jae-Woong Choi. Paul & Mark was originally a publisher. CEO Jae-woong Choi’s god of class, lecture power, 4MAT teaching method, etc. Published books related to lectures and education, This work was a little special. More than 10 million people have pets. How to live with another life should i know? and maybe the kids I’d have to send it out before people How should I prepare for a breakup?
As an educational company, about life with companion animals It made me look at it from a different perspective.

The editor has two cats. Even if I want to love you a lot, when the day comes when I have to let you go such good memories I’m afraid that everything will remain as painful memories I am already depressed. Talk to people who have pets around you. Everyone said they had the same mind. how to spend happy time together How can I say goodbye
It is not possible to cover all the stories in one book. with thoughts that come to mind I want to share more stories This is the first book I made. Let go of your beloved pet petross syndromePeople suffering from They say it’s increasing these days. Some people, like me, are already feeling similar to Petross. I think it’s a lot more than I thought. So, these days, more and more people are talking about petros. It seems that books and contents are coming out. These movements will I think it would be good to keep going 🙂


The book cover looks like this. A child, who was inexperienced in dealing with life, met a companion animal for the first time and became a family, but the feeling of having to leave behind the memories we had together.

<hello chocolate> Inside the book package , there is a ‘guideline for behavior you must know when sending your pet away’ . You put the content directly from PetForest. In order not to become an unprepared parting, you can meet guidelines to live happily on another planet for a while and prepare well until we meet again .


The publication schedule has been very busy, and the announcement of the news has been delayed a bit since we were trying to announce the lecture together . But in the meantime, I think a lot of people knew and bought it. It started selling last week and it has not yet shipped, so thank you so much! It has already been listed as a bestseller in online bookstores, so all the Paul & Mark family members (especially the CEO) are very happy 🙂

If you haven’t bought it yet, you can purchase it from the link above!

Hello Choco_Lecture_Peppo Data_2

# Special online lecture to commemorate the publication

And one more news!!
If you have purchased a book, please come and meet Jaewoong Choi, the representative of the education world, who is making his debut as a picture book writer for the first time next Wednesday !
In order to talk about books, life and love with those who love Paul & Mark, who are interested in education, parents raising children, and people who love animals, Jaewoong Choi under the theme of ‘Love Language for Pets’ . We will hold a special lecture with the representative. If you come in front of the camera with a book, it will be an online lecture. Feel free to come and have a chat with us and ask questions!

Hello, Love Language for Pets with Choco Writer

  • ​Wednesday, November 3rd 7:30 PM
  • Instructor : Jaewoong Choi, CEO of Paul & Mark

You can attend the lecture by visiting the Paul & Mark website . You can also access by scanning the QR code on the poster, so get the book and see you next week! On a cold autumn night, I want to share a warm story with many people 🙂 We ask for your support for the companion animal awareness improvement project that Paul & Mark and Pet Forest will create together in the future !