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Paul & Mark provides the best educational programs for change and growth of domestic and foreign governments, companies, universities and schools.
Representative projects include the Samsung Electronics Creative Thinking Process Course (CTP), the Samsung Human Resources Development Center SVP Creativity Program, the LG Human Resources Center Business Leader Course, and YAHOO! LEADERS program, JoongAng Ilbo educational corporation ‘God of Study’ project, Columbia University Graduate School of Public Administration (SIPA) self-development program, Zhejiang University, China Outstanding Freshman Leadership Program, Ecuador Ministry of Education Innovation Program, Republic of Moldova Ministry of Education ICT Program, Vietnam UNICEF NEXT Generation Project Lecture and I have been consulting.
Paul & Mark’s instructors and consultants are waiting for partners to share a moment of heartfelt change.



The Paul & Mark Korea office provides educational consulting to the government, universities, and companies in various industries. Paul & Mark Consulting provides consulting in a wide range of areas including organizational culture innovation, program development, educational policy establishment, system improvement, international development as well as presentation planning based on global level content, experts, and various unique problem-solving frames. .


  • Samsung Electronics (Memory/Semiconductor/Wireless Division/Design Center)
    ‘Creative thinking process’, ‘infinite exploration process’, ‘service experience design process’, ‘MPL core course’, etc. After training on the thinking process to improve creative competency in each area, practical problem solving consulting.
  • Samsung Electronics Global HRD Group ‘Communicating with Maximum Impact’ Program Development

    Communication program consulting to improve the influence of key foreign talents at Samsung Electronics

  • Samsung SDS Samsung Convergence S/W Academy (2014)

    Development of Soft Skill Program Package in the SCSA curriculum for nurturing Samsung SDS convergence talent
    Educational program design and development consulting to improve leadership, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving ability, and planning ability

  • Samsung Human Resources Development Center

    In cooperation with the Samsung Human Resources Development Institute, consulting on the development of the creative module ‘Out of the Box’ during the SVP course for new employees of the Samsung Group

  • Yahoo! Asia Pacific Leadership ‘Y! Leaders’ lectures and consulting

    Yahoo! Leadership training ‘Show the Way’ Asian localization consulting

  • Samsung Fire & Marine Vietnam CSR Consulting

    Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance overseas CSR program design and operation consulting

  • Daishin Securities Sales Manager Program Consulting

    Top level SM (Sales Manager) training program development consulting for Daishin Securities
    Comprehensive design consulting for conference techniques, presentations, customer understanding, self-diagnosis, and coaching programs

  • Development and consulting of the JoongAng Ilbo educational corporation ‘God of Study Camp’

    JoongAng Ilbo Gongshin Camp Program Development and Lecture Consulting

  • SK Wyverns team player/staff leadership course ‘V3!’ Program development consulting

    Consulting for development of team building, self-management, communication, and crisis management courses for SK Wyverns players and staff

  • SK Telecom ‘High Performance Team’ consulting
    Consulting for development of G-learning program for HPT of SK Telecom nationwide branches
  • Gucci ‘Guccinista’, ‘Supervisor Sales Process’, ‘Manager Communication Leadership’
    Coaching, creativity, leadership, and sales process program consulting for Gucci’s core talent development
  • Audi / Volkswagen
    Innovative thinking and leadership communication program development consulting for Audi/Volkswagen managers
  • Pulmuone

    Guide scenario design and presentation planning consulting for customers visiting the Pulmuone plant

  • Chosun Ilbo Education Division
    Scenario design and presentation planning consulting for government competition PT orders


  • Seoul City Planning and Urban Planning PT Planning Consulting
    Seoul City Planning 100 Years, 2030 Seoul Urban Basic Plan PT Planning Consulting and Production
  • Consulting on the development of learning programs to support the low-income class in Namyangju
    Consulting on programs to improve learning ability for low-income class for all middle schools in Namyangju
  • Ecuador Ministry of Education Education Innovation Project Consulting
    Under the leadership of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Bilingual Education, 7 government ministries and the Korean government work together to solve problems in the resident education system by tribe. Selected as a five-year lasting project in Ecuador, government department education and education for low-income groups in the Andes, education for teachers and superintendents across the country, education chiefs and consulting for teachers in 14 bilingual tribes in the Amazon region, development and teaching consulting for government departments creativity and coaching communication programs
  • Ministry of Education, Republic of Moldova ICT Education Informatization Consulting
    ICT education informatization consulting by the Ministry of Education of Moldova with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea, in cooperation with the Korea Educational Government Promotion Association and Paul & Mark.
  • Africa Somaliland Consulting
    Management education program evaluation and upgrade plan for the small business development project in Somaliland, Africa conducted by DAI, an international development company
  • New York The Bridge (non-profit organization providing housing and services for the mentally disabled)
    Organizational change consulting required when buying a home. 18% reduction in operating costs and increase in staff satisfaction


  • Leadership consulting for outstanding freshmen at Zhejiang University, China
    After selecting the best 200 freshmen from Shanghai Zhejiang University in cooperation with Li-nac Consulting of China, a 14-day leadership program development consulting for global talent who will lead the future of China.
  • POSTECH Creative IT Convergence Department Admissions Management Consulting
    In cooperation with Harvard University admissions officers, consulting on admissions control for selection of theoretical background, interview techniques, grading criteria and selection criteria for the selection of new students in the Creative IT Convergence Department of POSTECH.
  • Hanyang University 4MAT-based teaching and learning program development
    4MAT Natural Cycle-based teaching and learning program development consulting
  • Korea Polytechnic University 4th Industrial Revolution Leading University Education Innovation Model Research Consulting
    Project Nemo Model aims for learner participation and experience-oriented education to foster talents with creative convergence problem solving ability
  • Daekyung University Student-tailored Career Counseling Program Consulting
    Individual coaching on strengths and points for improvement based on each student’s individual learning preferences, and consulting on psychological testing programs using 4MAT theory to improve collaboration skills with myself and other types of colleagues.

Media Influence

Korea’s representative lecture program Speaker Speech Coach

  • CBS< 15 minutes to change the world
  • JTBC< as you say>
  • TVN< Creation Club 199>

Global Influence

  • Moldova : ICT education consulting invited by the Ministry of Education
  • Sweden : LOVUDDEN AKADEMIEN, Embassy of Sweden in Korea
  • USA : Columbia University CIPA (Graduate School of Policy Studies) and Korean Student Association Planning and Life Coaching Course: Local Teacher’s Teaching Method Improvement Course
  • Ecuador : Sanjung Village Project / Ministry of Education Education Innovation Project
  • Vietnam : UNICEF cooperation school project in progress
  • Singapore : Yahoo! Consulting and lectures on leadership courses in Asia
  • Saipan : LISS International School Youth Leadership Program
  • Otsuka, Taiwan : Global Leadership Conference (Creativity)
  • Zhejiang University, China : Leadership program planning consulting and lectures for 200 outstanding freshmen
  • Korea : Nurturing key talents of major conglomerates such as Samsung, LG, and POSCO, and conducting education at major universities such as Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University, and KAIST

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