# Love for pets, sing Paul & Mark

One of the instructors who listened to the lectures in the Paul & Mark classroom, which was just no different from any other time, really! suddenly! out of nowhere!
“Why are you doing this education only for people? This is a necessary education for pets and for those who, as parents, have to let them go first.”
There was one companion animal funeral director who shouted. (It is said that pet funeral directors help pets to make every moment they cross the rainbow bridge beautiful.) At first, he was very upset, but led by that passion, Paul & Mark met ‘Pet Forest’, an animal funeral company. It happened.

# Paul & Mark, lower your head.

At the funeral that was invited by Pet Forest CEO, Choi Jae-woong stopped… For a long time, he had tears in his eyes and shook his head. Maybe it’s because you were assimilated so quickly with the energy and stories of angelic animals with stories younger than humans.

# Dreaming of a beautiful companionship with pets.

Unlike the stories of companion animals that we looked into with such a moving heart, we looked at our perception of companion animals, the indelible sadness of companion animal parents called pet loss, and the management system and organizational culture that are still in their infancy. Mark has a new dream of building a culture of caring and loving them ‘from cradle to grave’.

# Paul & Mark, become a companion of Pet Forest and respect for life!

I decided to become a management partner with Pet Forest at the end of Django, thinking that ‘real change’ that Paul & Mark thinks would not occur with simple one-time consulting. And, today, both companies have appointed CEO Paul as a management advisor as the starting point!!! Jackpot case!!! Whoa!!!

# Expect a new horizon in the education, funeral and companion animal industry.

In the future, Paul & Mark and Pet Forest plan to conduct various businesses with their partners. Through the publication of children’s books, we come up with endless ideas, from changing perceptions of companion animals, education for respecting life, and support for companion animals in crisis as well as support for abandoned animals.

# It's just a different look, it's a family.

This is the phrase I saw on Pet Forest. There are now 15 million companion animals living in Korea. And, they give people endless loyalty and love. I am already looking forward to how Paul & Mark will affect the companion animal industry. I will end this story with the story that Paul left behind during the meeting.

“No two pets are alike in the world. Each one is a special gift.”