Among Paul & Mark’s large-scale projects in 2021
Following January and May in the first half, July and September in the second half
I brought a sketch of the SK new employee process!

This July training is
From the perspective of an eco-entrepreneur leading ESG management
By freely suggesting ways to improve SK’s ESG Impact, and awarding outstanding works
8 days of training were conducted
Among them, Paul & Mark
There was a special lecture by CEO Jaewoong Choi for two days.

It’s the basics of a new employee, isn’t it?
Structural skills for planning and report writing,
Storytelling techniques for PT and communication, etc.
On the subject of creating attractive titles, etc.
It was a fun and meaningful educational time!
Would the quality of the proposal have been upgraded?

Special Lecture for SK New Employee Course

Storytelling technology and planning ability for ESG business model/promotion plan drafting

target | About 300 new SK employees in July 2021

place | Walkerhill SK Acadia (trainees participate online)

Especially! This education
4 hours (2 days * 2 hours) lectures
About the first and second plans written by trainees
A feedback paper was provided.

CEO Jaewoong Choi, of course,
Lecturer Ji-woong Park, In-seok Yang, and Chan-mi Hong as the head teacher,
Two nights all night!! review the plan,
Based on storytelling and 4MAT planning skills
Provided detailed feedback
Paul gave a customized lecture that reflected that feedback!

As well as trainees for meticulous and sincere feedback,
It is said that the educators were very impressed!

After the lecture, the best project among the final plans is selected.
Paul & Mark was in charge of the process,
Very good works have been selected
To a great finish!
Everyone worked hard!

Walkerhill with a stunning view!
I couldn’t see it on the first day because of the curtains
On the second day, with the clear and bright Han River view in the background
I hope that the trainees who participated in the online education also had some healing time!
Did you have fun?

Especially for new employees
the basics of the basics,
Paul & Mark’s planning and storytelling skills
In line with the title of an instructor who teaches an instructor
It’s exciting content.

The response was so good that it will be held in September.
If you are planning to meet us at SK in September
You can look forward to it!

I will make you all talented new employees!

Then, I’ll come back with good news 🙂