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This is news from calligrapher Jeonghwa Lee!

At the end of this month, a week later, the 2021 Seoul Green Future Summit (P4G) will be held.
That’s right, our writer Jeonghwa Lee participated in the key visual 🙂

In line with the first environmental meeting held in Korea,
It has been completed so beautifully with the most Korean image!

Go to the P4G Summit website.
You can view the general description of the meeting in detail along with more detailed explanations.

Although the world was shaken by the corona virus, a meeting with good intentions to unite forces on an important issue of the environment was held.
It feels good to be held in Korea.

In addition, artist Jeonghwa’s work is absolutely perfect!

I also brought a related article, so you can refer to it.

[Unique key visuals of ‘2021 P4G Summit’ revealed through collaboration with young calligrapher Lee Jung-hwa]

The unique key visuals of the P4G (Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030) summit to be held in Seoul on May 30 and 31 were unveiled.

The two key visuals that were finally selected as the images to symbolize the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit include ‘inclusive green recovery’, the ultimate goal of P4G, and the basic values of ‘participation’ and ‘action’. contained A pictogram representing the five areas of P4G activity ( ▲ water ▲ food/agriculture ▲ energy ▲ city ▲ circular economy ) and an image composed of mountains representing Korea’s nature and elegant typefaces represent this summit.

Among the two key visuals, Inwangje Saekdo, in particular, is a representative work of Gyeomjae Jeong Seon, a painter of the late Joseon Dynasty, and reproduces the appearance of Inwangsan rock wet in a midsummer rain with a bold handwriting. It is registered as National Treasure No. 216, so you can feel the overwhelming composition and grandeur. In addition to this, the strong typeface of the young Korean calligrapher In-jung (仁中) Lee Jung-hwa, who has recently been attracting attention, is added to dynamically express Korea’s ability to act to solve climate change and environmental problems, which are facing serious global crises. In particular, the will to move toward the era of green recovery based on solidarity and tolerance for each other is expressed in soft yet hard handwriting, which catches the eye.

The planning team for the 2021 P4G Summit said, “We wanted to show people around the world the traditional Korean art ‘calligraphy’, which can be naturally matched with the Inwangjesaekdo expressed only in ink colors, to the people of the world. Also, as P4G is a meeting to prepare for the future beyond the present, I have been working with Lee Jung-hwa, a young calligrapher who has recently been attracting attention.”

Calligrapher Lee Jeong-hwa said about this collaboration, “I completed the writing with only a brush and ink so that it could match the Inwangje color scheme, which is made of ink that emits a beautiful light as time goes by.” “Environmental issues are no longer taken lightly for future generations. As it is not a story to be passed on, I worked a little more firmly, but the key message was written in soft handwriting.” In addition, he said, “I am delighted to be doing this glorious work together in the first year when the world starts full-scale action for the goal of reducing greenhouse gas by 2030.”

The 2021 P4G Seoul Summit is the first multilateral summit in the environmental field to be held in Korea. Government agencies, businesses, and civil society work in solidarity with the goal of responding to climate change and sustainable development. Currently, 12 middle-income countries (South Africa, Netherlands, Korea, Denmark, Mexico, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Chile and Colombia) are participating.

The detailed schedule and information of the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit can be found on the official website.


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A beautiful key visual that appeared in the news,

You can see it by going to the square in front of City Hall.
If you have a chance to pass by in the area, be sure to check it out 🙂

News from the author!
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An offline calligraphy school is also in progress.
I am in the process of filming the Class 101 online course in a very high quality.
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Other work requests, lectures, etc.
Thanks to all of you, I am happily working hard
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